Eyelid Skin Cancer Management

Eyelid Skin Cancer

Skin cancer of the eyelid is a relatively common condition that mostly results from a long history of sun exposure. Although it can often be diagnosed from its appearance, a biopsy is required to confirm the diagnosis.

Eyelid Skin Cancer Treatment

Treatment of eyelid skin cancer is best performed as a team effort during which a subspecialty dermatologist (i.e., Mohs surgeon) removes the skin cancer and Dr. Scot Sullivan repairs the resulting wound. Dr. Sullivan has an excellent working relationship with the Mohs surgeons in the Portland area, and same-day coordination can usually be arranged for the complete treatment course.

Eyelid Reconstruction following skin cancer removal

immediately following skin cancer removal (i.e., Mohs Surgery)

Immediately Following Skin Cancer Removal (i.e., Mohs Surgery)

following eyelid reconstruction

Following Eyelid Reconstruction

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Scot A. Sullivan, MD

Scot A. Sullivan, MD