Enucleation Surgery
in Portland, OR

Enucleation Surgery

Although as an ophthalmologist, Dr. Sullivan is committed to restoring and preserving ocular health, in some cases, removal of the eye becomes necessary. This is often to relieve chronic pain in an eye that no longer has useful vision secondary to medical conditions, trauma or surgery. It can also be required to treat tumors that have grown in the eye. Surgical removal of the eye and placement of a spherical implant to replace the lost volume is the first stage of treatment. Subsequent fitting with a custom ocular prosthesis is the final step which allows patients to resume their life with an excellent aesthetic result.

Preoperative photo shows blind painful left eye

Preoperative Photo Shows Blind Painful Left Eye

Postoperative photo shows natural appearance with custom ocular prosthesis following enucleation

Postoperative Photo Shows Natural Appearance With Custom Ocular Prosthesis Following Enucleation

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Scot A. Sullivan, MD

Scot A. Sullivan, MD