Ectropion/Entropion Repair

Ectropion Repair Surgery

Ectropion is the condition where the eyelid has relaxed and become separated from the eye. This results in dryness of the eye surface with associated blurred vision, burning, stinging, light sensitivity and frequent watering of the eye. Surgical correction is aimed at tightening the lower eyelid to return it to its normal position to restore good ocular coverage and comfort.

prior to surgery

Before Ectropion Surgery

following ectropion repair

Following Ectropion Repair

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Entropion Repair Surgery

Entropion is the condition where the eyelid has turned inward causing the eyelashes to rub against the eye surface. This causes symptoms of blurred vision, foreign body sensation, mucous discharge and frequent watering of the eye. As with ectropion repair, surgical correction is aimed at returning the eyelid to its normal position to restore comfort to the eye.

prior to surgery

Before Entropion Surgery

following entropion repair

Following Entropion Repair

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Sullivan did an excellent job on my recent procedure. I now have eyes that are not constantly red and itchy and also look good! Joanie and Sabrina eased my concerns about the procedure and made each visit to the office a real pleasure. I will certainly recommend Dr. Sullivan and his staff to anyone I know who is considering a procedure.

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Scot A. Sullivan, MD

Scot A. Sullivan, MD